Investing in People

As well as investing in property internationally, Kalmax invests in people and their ideas. We know from experience that start-ups have an increased chance of longterm success with an experienced lead investor. Not being our core business, we don't actively seek investment opportunities of this nature but are always open to helping driven entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. 


Once a partnership is forged, we play an active role in development and driving the business forward. We give our new business partners advice, guidence and feedback ensuring success while being careful not to tread on their toes. It is their idea after all!

To date, we have and have had a helping hand in several successful companies, some of which are listed below.


Noble Inns

Metal Mule

Bad Egg

Lindfield Autobarn

Our business association with Scott Hunter, founder of Noble Inns, was forged through a longterm friendship with one of our shareholders. Scott approached Kalmax through this connection with his plan. He was then managing an award winning bar in London but wanted to launch his own brand of top quality gastro pubs in the capital. He obviously had the experience and passion but lacked financial backing. With Kalmax as a partner, Scott had the means to fulfill his dreams.

We currently have 4 award winning pubs in Central London trading under the Noble Inns / SmokeHouse / Pig & Butcher brands with a combined turnover of well over four million pounds a year.

After successfully opening so many pubs and restaurants in partnership with Kalmax, Scott decided for start something new and exciting on his own. With his honed expertise, a short term injection of capital from Kalmax, as well as a little advice on property and company structure, he was a success and culinary sensation from the start. Based at City Point in Moorgate, London and looking to expand, I suggest you get down there and try one of their exceptional burgers and unusual good cocktails.

Back in 2010, Paul Goulding, the founder of Metal Mule, approached Kalmax with a plan for expansion. Sadly, sometimes making the best product in a market place just isn't enough. Through investment and advise, Metal Mule has successfully gone global with their pannier systems. Now used by famous adventure riders and motorcycle touring companies, Metal Mule panniers are the go to luggage in the Adventure Motorcycle Industry when durability is the primary concern.

Lindfield Garage was sadly a commercial tenant of Kalmax International in difficulties following the loss of their Rover franchise. The Sales Manager was sure he could make a success of the business and approached us to ask for help. Kalmax stepped in to take over the business and staff, injecting capital to re-stock the showroom and lend management expertise for the first 2 years of the new venture. After all, Kalmax started with car dealerships in 1955.

Stradivari Trust

The Stradivari Trust, set up by Cambridge entrepreneur and philanthropist Nigel Brown (OBE) has been helping Britain's world-class musicians for more than a quarter of a century, to acquire some of the world's finest stringed instruments through a unique model of syndicated instrument schemes. The Stradivari Trust Alumni include Nigel Kennedy, Steven Isserlis, Lawrence Power and Jennifer Pike.

Kalmax International is proud to be a part of the Trust, currently helping in five incredibly talented musicians further their careers by helping fund the acquisition of the fine and rare instruments required.