Commercial, Industrial & Offices

From our first garages in 1950s to our most recent purchases, here at Kalmax we specialize in commercial, industrial and office property investments. All of our U.K. property is managed in-house from our offices in Tunbridge Wells and Edenbridge in Kent, we prefer to keep everything within reach, that is the Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London Areas.

Managing our own property provides the added benefit of enabling us to keep in direct contact with our tenants, with whom we can build a relationship which extends beyond mere rent collection. Some of our tenants have been with Kalmax for over 30 years.

We invest primarily from cash-flow, which means that we are constantly searching for good quality investments to add to the expanding portfolio. Recent purchases include ToolStation in Eastbourne and Oak House in Sevenoaks.

Pro-active management of the portfolio sometimes produces development opportunities and we have the financial strength to deal with small schemes in-house. Currently in the planning stage, we have a mixed use development in Surbiton with the intention of starting on site in mid 2020.