By the turn of the millennium, Kalmax had in the region of 80 tenants and was valued at well over ten million pounds. Sadly and tragically, Jack died in 2001 leaving his wife, Antonia, and two sons, at the helm. With the help of Jeffrey Sinclair, his good friend and right-hand man, and Tony Rutherford, a then new addition to the team, the family continued to grow the company and build on the solid foundation Jack had laid down. 

Our strength is derived from our longevity. We are fortunate to have an incredibly experienced team and an exceptionally solid unencumbered asset base on which to build. Through a continual process of acquisition and improvement financed primarily out of cash-flow, we are producing a steady and controlled expansion of the company. We think Jack would be proud.

Founded in 1955 by Victor “Jack” Richard and Douglas Gaten, Kalmax started it’s life as Richard & Gaten Ltd, owning garages and petrol stations in the South East of England. After only a few years, Jack bought Doug out, and continued to build the company from the ground up. When his two sons Karl and Max were born, he changed the name to Kalmax in the hope that one day, they would carry on his legacy.

Still growing and diversifying, Kalmax boasts numerous subsidiaries and off shoots, namely Kalmax Properties, Kalmax International and Richard & Associates with offices in The U.K., Andorra and Spain. We deal with property management, acquisitions, development, lettings, sales and alternative investments. Still having some of Jack's original garages in the portfolio and our philosophy remains one of long-term investment.